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PROFARM Scales-up all over Europe!

Three final events in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands for celebrating the closure of the PROFARM project.

After three years spent in researching, networking and experimenting, the International partners of the PROFARM project have celebrated the sucessful results achieved by organizing a national scale-up event in each partner country!

The kickstarters were the Dutch partners from (fomer Groenewelle) and the Duth Foundation of Innovation Welfare to Work that have organized an event in Mastenbroek on the 18th of OctoberThe event started with a presentation from Henk and...

Workshop finale del progetto PROFARM

L’empowerment dell’individuo con disabilità in Agricoltura Sociale... resconto di tre anni di sperimentazione su tutto il territorio regionale!

A tre anni dall'avvio del progetto Erasmus+ KA3 "PROFARM - Rafforzamento del profilo personale e professionale in Agricotura Sociale", la Regione Umbria, capofila del partenariato internazionale, insieme al Centro Studi Città di Foligno, secondo attore della compagine italiana, hanno il piacere di presentare i risultati ottenuti grazie alle numerose sperimentazioni attivate su tutto il territorio regionale.

Il workshop è rivolto principalmente a tutti gli attori...


30 peers from all over Europe gathered to discuss on the added value of the PROFARM project and to validate the project's deliverables

The fourth transnational meeting of the PROFARM project was held from the 23rd to the 25th of April in Zwolle (the Netherlands). The first day was dedicated to the internal partnership meeting of the project and was arranged at Groene Welle premises. Whereas, the following two days the 2nd international peer-review event took place and was attended by 30 experts from different European countries. The peer-review event was held at several premises, as many technical...

First international peer review event for the PROFARM project

18 peers from all over Europe for the validation of the methdological framework

Group photo of international peersThe 3nd partnership meeting of the PROFARM project took place last 13-16 March 2017 in Deckenpfronn, Germany, at the premises of the living and working community of Tennental, one the social farms in the network of the German partner Anthropoi. The internal meeting was scheduled for Monday 13 March, while on the following two days all the partners contributed at the organization of the 1st international peer-review event, which was attended by 18 experts from different European countries....