30 peers from all over Europe gathered to discuss on the added value of the PROFARM project and to validate the project's deliverables

The fourth transnational meeting of the PROFARM project was held from the 23rd to the 25th of April in Zwolle (the Netherlands). The first day was dedicated to the internal partnership meeting of the project and was arranged at Groene Welle premises. Whereas, the following two days the 2nd international peer-review event took place and was attended by 30 experts from different European countries. The peer-review event was held at several premises, as many technical visits to social farms were arranged.

The first day of peer-review was dedicated to some technical visits and to a general presentation of the project, whereas the afternoon was devoted to the coaching circles activity. In order to facilitate the work with the peer-reviewers, the participants have been divided into five coaching circles with experts coming from different professional backgrounds to stimulate the discussion from several points of view. Each coaching circle was assigned to a facilitator, a case giver and a note keeper.

The activity was very successful and interesting, since in each coaching circle a real case from the PROFARM experimentations was discussed and analysed. This also gave the opportunity to all participants to understand better the different contexts and realities that each country is facing.

The second day of peer-review was devoted to some more technical visits to well established, but also to emerging realities in the social farming sector in the Netherlands, and some relevant spokesmen were invited to share researches and personal experiences in the field of care farming and education farming. 

The results of the meeting showed that the PROFARM network has grown stronger and has many potentialities for further development, as well as to support the project's sustainability.

The next appointment is set for November, in Italy!