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Negel Johannes

Initiative Sinnvolle Arbeit gGmbH

I studied social work in the Netherlands. During my study I made a six mounth internship on an care farm. After I graduated from university, I went for 18 mounth to the United States and was working and living in a Camphill. During this time I was doing ladscaping and forestry work together with people with special needs. We also had a big farm and vegetablegarden were I helped as well if needed. After I came back to my home country Germany, I started to work as a jobcoach. My task is, to support peolpe with disabilities to find a job at the first employment market (erster Arbeitsmarkt). Among others this includes also jobs in sector of agriculture.

I will be part of the case management project. Main goal from my jobl is to integrate People with disabilities in normal companies, where they can earn their own money so they can live a life without financial support from the gouverment. This includes also cooperation with farms in case one of our clients has the wish to get a job in the sector of agriculture. I could give some information about our work and vision behind that.