Transition from school to work for people with disabilities in Germany

based on a compilation by Sina-Sophie Stern, Anthropoi, extended by Gerhard Herz, Anthropoi and adapted by Lena Hüttmann, PETRARCA

The transition from school to the work environment represents an important step for all young people in their life. The German case shows a wide spectrum of measures for young people with different skills and disabilities. In fact, there are legal requirements for certain measures, depending on personal circumstances.
The transition school-occupation can be represented in four fields of action:
A)    Vocational Orientation,
B)    Career preparation,
C)    Vocational training,
D)    Offers to participate in working life.
Within the scope of the Profarm project, a focus is on D) offers to participate in working life.
A detailled overview on the German system can be downloaded here.